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Knox United Church
was built in 1909 after the fire that destroyed most of Fernie.  We have been an active church for 100 years and have developed a rich history.  Knox United Church was formed in 1925 out of the union of Fernie Methodist Church, established in 1899, and Knox Presbyterian Church, established in 1898. In 1919 these two churches joined in a local union producing a Union church under the oversight of the Presbyterians. Knox United Church has been the main congregation of Fernie Pastoral Charge, but the pastoral charge has also included points at Coal Creek (formerly a separate Methodist circuit), Elko and Grasmere. In 1990 Knox United Church became part of newly formed Elk Valley Pastoral Charge together with St. Barbara’s Church in Sparwood and Grasmere. As of March 17, 2014, the Elk Valley Pastoral Charge separated into two pastoral charges: Fernie Pastoral Charge and Grasmere Pastoral Charge.

In the past 44 years we have called nine ministers.  These last few years, our minister, along with volunteers, have been very visible in the community to promote the face of Knox United, which has increased normal attendance to 25.

Knox United Church organization runs by an elected Board of Directors with an elected Chair, Secretary and Finance Committee making up the executive.  We have representation on our board from the UCW, M & P Committee, Worship Committee, Building Committee and Members at Large.  The Board presently meets four times a year or as needed.  Each group develops its own budget to be approved by the Board.

Our UCW group, along with the help of others, plays a very integral role in our church.  They organize our two main fundraisers, The Christmas Tea & Cookie Walk, and The Irish Stew Supper.  Once a month, on Communion Sundays, they coordinate a luncheon after the service.  They also pay the salary for a custodian.  At Christmas they deliver baskets to shut-ins in the community.  The UCW supports the church whole- heartedly.

The Worship Committee is very active.  The committee meets monthly, plans participation in the services and gives appropriate feedback to those leading the service.   We value our United Church traditions but we embrace contemporary theological insights.   The Worship Committee recently purchased “More Voices” songbooks through their fundraising.

The M&S Fund is well supported and we have Stories of Our Faith twice a month.  We also have Stewardship Sundays, which have encouraged many of our congregation to join PAR.

We conduct monthly Sunday services for residents at Rocky Mountain Village, a local seniors’ home.

As Fernie is becoming a wedding destination for many young couples, our Marriage policy welcomes all who wish a Christian wedding.

Those who understand and feel comfortable are welcome to take communion.

All are welcome at our table.


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